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Meads v. Meads 2012 ABQB 571

Meads v Meads 2012 ABQB 571 pdf    Australian cases citing Meads v Meads Ennis v Credit Union Australia [2016] FCCA 1705 Kosteska v Magistrate Manthey & Anor [2013] QCA 105 Adelaide City Council v Lepse [2016] SASC 66 Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Woods [2018] FCCA 1815 Lion Finance Pty Ltd v Johnston [2018] FCCA 2745 Coshott v Spencer … Continue reading Meads v. Meads 2012 ABQB 571

Demand the court provide proof of Assent and Proclamation

Section 143 of the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth): Part 4.2—Judicial notice - 143  Matters of law (1)  Proof is not required about the provisions and coming into operation (in whole or in part) of: (a)  an Act, a State Act, an Act or Ordinance of a Territory or an Imperial Act in force in Australia; or (b)  … Continue reading Demand the court provide proof of Assent and Proclamation

Did you post a question on Facebook about a speeding ticket?

HOW MANY MEMBERS OF A FACEBOOK LEGAL FORUM DOES IT TAKE TO ANSWER A QUESTION ABOUT A SPEEDING TICKET? One to make a post about their speeding ticket. Three to demand proof that the speed camera was calibrated in accordance with the National Measurement Act. Two to say that you must first unshackle your strawman … Continue reading Did you post a question on Facebook about a speeding ticket?

Cardinia Shire Council v Kraan [2017] VMC024

Extract from Cardinia Shire Council v Kraan [2017] VMC024: 2 The Accused makes various submissions challenging the validity of the proceeding brought against him by the Cardinia Shire Council (the Council), and the jurisdiction of this Court to hear the charges. He raised these submissions by tendering a document dated 4 October 2017 entitled “Notice of a … Continue reading Cardinia Shire Council v Kraan [2017] VMC024

Sill v City of Wodonga [2017] VSC 671

Extract from Sill v City of Wodonga [2017] VSC 671: 5 Despite seeking to appeal to this Court, Mr Sill first challenged its authority, describing it as an unlawful administrative court or body, rather than a common law court in which he said he was entitled to have his case heard. He also argued that … Continue reading Sill v City of Wodonga [2017] VSC 671

Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204

Extract from Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204  1 21 In summary, Dr Falamaki and Ms Williams are making an informal application for a person identifying himself as Judge: David-Wynn: Miller to intervene or to appear as amicus curiae in order to prove by evidence and draw the Court’s attention to a series of frauds which … Continue reading Wollongong City Council v Falamaki [2009] FMCA 1204


"...rambling, nonsensical babble..." Extract from Maksacheff v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2017] NSWCA 126: 1 53. Mr and Mrs Maksacheff’s written submissions also assert that there were various deficiencies in the Bank’s supporting affidavits and the judgments of the courts below, to the effect that the differing languages and fonts appearing in the judgments proved “deception by this arbitral … Continue reading DOG-LATIN-GLOSSA-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-WORDMARK-FRAUD